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 Digital Negative and Slide Scanning Service

 Negative and Slide Scanning Service

Digital Negative and slide scanning service ,medium format negatives are mainly used by commercial, professional and enthusiast photographers. It is also known as 2 1/4 film, 120/220 film, Each frame measures 2 1/4 inches, or 56mm, on one of its sides. We scan and support medium format negatives & slide transparencies Whether you are a professional photographer seeking to create your digital portfolio to share online or you simply have boxes of negatives sitting around, we deliver sharp digital images for you to share with friends or customers.
 Digital Ice technology automatically removes surface defects, such as dust and scratches, from a scanned image. Digital Ice differentiates itself from software-only solutions because it does not soften, blur or otherwise alter any underlying details of the original image.Digitsl Ice works from within the scanner, during the scanning process, to provide users with a clear, authentic base image that improves the original image.

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Digital Negative & Slide Scanning Service

This sample photo was scanned from an old 2 x 2  negative.

Sample was scanned at 1200 DPI to a JPEG file.
$0.50 Per Slide Transparency Scan
$1.00 Per Medium Format Scan For The First 20 Negatives, Then .75 Each Thereafter
$2.00 Disk & Sleeve Fee
              Output To Tiff Or Jpeg On Your Choice Of CD Or DVD
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