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Cunnyngham Studio- Archive FilesCunnyngham Studio Dayton Tennessee

    Cunnyngham Studio operated in business for more than 55 years in Dayton, Tennessee.  Owned and operated by Jimmy and Shelby Cunnyngham, the studio was located on east 3rd Ave. During their long career, they photographed over 4000 weddings and 12,000 High School Seniors, not to mention the thousands of other photographic assignments such as Portraits, Anniversaries, Reunions, Engagements, Bridals and High School Yearbooks.  The Cunnyngham’s  retired in the summer of 2016 and sold the property. The new owners have demolished the building and will use the property for a future development.  Local photographer Dean Wilson of Memory Lane Photos has obtained the Cunnyngham’s entire negative collection of their 55 years in business. During the last 6 years Dean has worked for the Cunnyngham’s archiving and digitizing their negative collection. Past customers have been able to obtain their old photo assignments in the form of high resolution digital files on disk. Dean will continue to offer these same services to past customers of Cunnyngham Studio.

Negative Files That Are Available Now Include





High School Senior Portraits Many Various High Schools (1963-2015)

Spring City High School Senior Portraits (Prior To New High School In 1975)

Family Reunions





Negative Files That Will Be Available Online In The Near Future Include

Prom Photos

Athletic Banquets

Sports Photography (1970’s through 1990’s)

Falcons Football & Cheerleaders

T-League Ball

Red Dog Football & Cheerleaders

Bull Dogs Football & Cheerleaders

Little Eagles Football & Cheerleaders

Various Home Commings (1960’s- 2000’s)

Dayton City School Football ( 1960’s-2000’s)

Dayton City School Basketball (1960’s-2000″s)

Rhea Central Elementary Basketball & Football (1990’s-2000’s)

Dayton City School 8th Grade Graduation (Group & Individuals)

Rhea Middle  School 8th Grade Graduation (Group & Individuals Later Years)

Political & Business Portraits

Misc Local Events

Yearbook Photos  (1960’s- 1990’s)

Football & Basketball



Teacher Portraits

Many Other Misc Assignments


Online Gallery Available Here


If you wish to obtain any of your old files digitized to disk or just desire to order re-prints please feel free to contact me. I will need as much information as possible (Approx Date and type of Photo Assignment). I will then pull your files and calculate a price and contact you back with an estimate.